My Writings

My book is entitled Jolted Awake:  An Unconventional Memoir and is available on and 

The motivation behind writing this book was not fame or fortune.

It was the answer to an inner calling to which I was obedient.  Those in the M/s Community may better understand this call to be of service.  

Writing a book that is so personally naked and revealing would have been far easier under a pseudonym.  Master Skip, however, was clear that this was not an option for me.  It felt scary to put myself out in such a vulnerable way.  My hope was that describing my own story of self-discovery, and how it was powerfully impacted by my M/s relationship with Master Skip, might provide insight and clarity to others.  My vision was that it could support others in better understanding their own journey toward greater authenticity.  The feedback I have received thus far is humbling and has affirmed that this hope is being actualized.  

By using my legal name, my desire is to support others who are ready to go beyond scene names.  While that must be an individual choice, I have seen how the courage to “come out” since the 1970’s has propelled the LGBTQ community forward toward greater equality and societal acceptance.  Perhaps it is time for folks to know that their neighbors, friends, coworkers and loved ones are also Masters and slaves.  Our relationships need not be a source of shame that must remain hidden in the shadows but can actually represent a valid path toward greater self-realization.  That has certainly been my experience with Master Skip.  This book therefore represents another level of “coming out” for me.

This book was written by a slave who also happens to be a licensed psychotherapist.  Perhaps this can add some credibility and play a small role in lifting the stigma still attached to so many alternative lifestyles.  It is often by having the courage to live outside of the societal box that we can best shine our Light, feel fulfilled and make the greatest difference in the world.  This is one man’s attempt to model such a way of being.